What makes me angry? Survivor

September 21, 2012
Well holy fucking shit I officially lost count as to which season of Survivor we are on.

Okay I’ll admit, when I was just a kid and the first survivor was on I was like “Holy shit this is awesome”. Everyone in my class watched it, it was cool.Then they got the next season, and another… and another… and another… and… a…nother.

Oh my fucking shit, it’s the same shit, over and over again. I’m sick of it, it’s bullshit, it’s like let’s stick a bunch of people in a hot climate, they try and get some “attractive” people to compete, but it’s like whoop de fucking do. “Fap fap fap you filthy girl you didn’t shower in 10 days fap fap fap”. Does someone actually watch survivor to fap to it? No! If I wanted to see some chicks in bikini’s I’d look up chicks in bikini’s or just look up porn.
So boring, were on an island, we need food, blah blah blah, this person is a bitch, let’s split up the tribes, mmm ice cream I haven’t had that in 15 days, but I’m a vegan blah blah blah *plot twist a vegan eating ice cream* blah blah blah I miss home, blah blah I’ll tally the votes. I had a great time. blah blah reunion show.

Holy… Fucking…Shit.

Less Survivor, more Family Guy and Tosh.O and shit. 

Sept 12th - You know what makes me angry?

September 14, 2012

Do You Know What Makes Me Angry?
Back To School.

Well it’s back to school time and it reminds me of the days when your teacher is like “Everyone take notes” which I think is fucking stupid because you are either trying to read his or her barely legible handwriting on a chalkboard and you have to deal with that annoying sound of the chalk hitting the board (just the thought of it makes me cringe). Or, you’re teacher busted out the old projector. The big ratty thing that had a 50 pound li...

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