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St. Patrick's Day Show.

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St Patricks Show Playlist

Hour 1
Korpiklaani- Vodka/Tequila
Blackguard- Last we wage/ This rounds on me
Protest The Hero- Blindfolds Aside 
THE OFFICIAL MUDMEN PAGE- Animal/Home for a rest (cover)
Ensiferum- Twilight Tavern
Eluveitie- Primordial Breath/Bloodstained Ground/Inis Mona/Gray Sumblime Archon 
Hour 2
Finntroll- TrollHammeren/Jatkins Tid
Voltang- Garbage People/Lunatic Slick
Shark Infested Daughters- Tidebringer
Distoriam- Hymm To Mead
Dropkick Murphys- Shipping Up To Boston/ Dirty Glass
Swashbuckle- Drink Up
Alestorm- Midget Saw/Drink
Waylander- Born To The Fight
Varang Nord- Warchant Of The Forests
Merkfolk- Topielika

AMR Show for March 9th

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Part 1

Shadow Of Intent- The Return
Parkway Drive- Wishing Wells
Amplitusion- Body parts For sale
Greber- Grave Plot
Blackguard- this rounds on me
Finntroll- trollhammeren
Mudmen- home for a rest (cover)
Eluevetie- Inis Mona
ITAOV- Float

Part 2

The Burden- Moving Pictures
The AfterImage- Pathogen
Every Time I Die- C++ (Love will get you killed)
Harm’s Way- Human Carrying Capacity
Motionless In White- 570
Chelsea Grin- Recreant
August Burns Red- Ghosts
Kublai Khan- Come Out Of Your Room
Issues- Rank Rider
Sum 41- Pain For Pleasure
Silverstein- Smashed Into Pieces
Under0ath- It’s Dangerous Business Going Out Your Front Door
Ensiferum- Twilight Tavern

AMR Show for March 2nd

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Hour 1
For the Fallen Dreams- Two Graves
Bleed From Within- Afterlife
Horcrux- The Dark Mark
Obey The Brave- Drama
Blackguard- The Last We Wage
Korpiklaani - Vodka
Finntroll- Jatkins Tid 
The Northern- Nauticus/Terra
Greber- Grave Plot
Arise and Ruin- Rex Butcher/End Of The Road
Hour 2
Parkway Drive- Wishing Wells
The Good Depression- Sweet Solace
The Healing- First Light
The Luminary Isolated 
Shadow Of Intent- The Prophet’s Beckoning 
ERRA- Dreamcatcher
Miss May I- Shadows Inside
VEIL OF MAYA- Overthrow 
Our Last Night- Escape
I See Stars- Endless Sky (feat Danny Worsnop)
Attack Attack- Renob, Nevada 
Escape The Fate- The Guillotine

AMR show for February 23rd

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Part 1

Shark Infested Daughters- Tidebringer

Light The Torch- Die Alone

The Luminary- Reflections

Out Of The Ruins- Reflections

Horcrux- Outsider/ Live Through Me/ Resilient

For the Fallen Dreams- Two Graves/ Stone

KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut

--> BRAND OF SACRIFICE- Conviction

Falsifier- Choke

American Me- Anti-Life Equation

After The Burial- Deluge

Part 2

A Day To Remember- Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End

Empty Hands- Demons/Undertow

The Author- The Red Jury I: The Made Mess

Like Moths to Flames- New Plagues

Amplitusion- Body Parts For Sale

Thy Art Is Murder- Death Dealer

Judas Priest- Ram It Down/Painkiller

Meshuggah- Bleed

Haste The Day- Everything Falls

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