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Here is the latest Anger Management Show aired originally on June 17th. Click here to listen.

What we played....


Stick To Your Guns- Ring Loud (Last Hope)
Volumes- Feels Good
*We Are Human- Old Scars, New Habits
*Fall City Fall- Love & Art
*Æpoch- Ouroborus Broken 
*The Hollow Sea- Step Forward
*The Hollow Sea- Lonesome Youth
*DEPTHS OF HATRED- Accursed Demise
Aegaeon- The Integral Path 
In The Act Of Violence- I Am The Plague
Follow My Lead- Jugular
Periphery- Flatline
Make Them Suffer- Ether
The Browning- Disconnect feat Frankie Palmeri of Emmure
Infant Annihilator- Soil The Stillborn
Gojira- Silvera
Slipknot- (sic)
*Exes For Eyes- Break It Down Again (Tears for Fears Cover)
Chelsea Grin- Broken Bonds
The Acacia Strain- 4x4
The Acacia Strain- Angry Mob Justice
The Acacia Strain- See You Next Tuesday
The Acacia Strain- Whoa! Shut It Down
Children Of Bodom- Oops! I Did It Again (Britney Spears cover)

Here is the Anger Management Show from June 10th.  Click here to listen.

What we played....

Napoleon- Afterlife
A Day To Remember- Paranoia
A Day To Remember- Bad Vibrations
*Hundred Suns- Factional
*Ev0lution- Uprise
*Bring Me The Author- No Hero, No Hope Feat Blake Louis Prince
*Frenemy- Survival Of The Richest
*The Luminary- Awake
Fall City Fall- Love & Art
*Despised Icon- The Aftermath
*Despised Icon- 514
*Despised Icon- The Sunset Will Never Charm Us
Abiogenesis- Visualize
The Browning- Dragon
The Browning- Pathologic
Nails- You Will Never Be One Of Us
CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT- Structures For Creation
Infant Annihilator- Soil The Stillborn
Carnifex- Drown Me In Blood
Ronnie James Dio- Holy Diver
Martyr A.D.- American Hollow
As Blood Runs Black- My Fears Have Become Phobias

Listen to the  Anger Management Show from June 3rd.  Click Here to listen.

Here is what we played.. 

Napoleon- Afterlife

After The Burial- Bread Crumbs & White Stones

*Hundred Suns- Factional

*Joey Muha- Lost Woods (Zelda)

The Ghost Inside- Dark Horse

*We Are Human- New Scars, Old Habits

*Islands & Empires- Mania


CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT- Structures For Creation

* Sludgehammer- Demons From The Woodwork

The Browning- Pathologic

Vanna- Pretty Grim

*Struggle & Sleep- Pretty Little Dead Thing

*The Luminary- Bitter feat Kris Garant of The Healing

11pm Periphery- The Price Is Wrong

*Prophets- Desperate

Carnifex- Drown Me In Blood

VEIL OF MAYA- Punisher

Of Mice & Men- Still YDG'N!

Whitechapel- Mark Of The Blade

Every Time I Die- Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space


ATTILA- Lights Out!

*Abandon All Ships- Maria (I like it loud) (cover)


*Misery Signals- The Year Summer Ended In June

Woe, Is Me- T.G.I.F (Katy Perry Cover)

 Click here for the May 27th show.  And Click here for the bonus hour. Playlist for that is below.

 Here is the playlist for the May 27th show.

For Today- Agape
Ev0lution- UPRISE
Fallujah- The Void Alone
Fallujah- Abandon
Whitechapel- Mark Of The Blade
The Healing- First Light
Exes For Eyes- My Life Vs Your Vacation feat Lisa Sinner
ARCHITECTS- Gone With The Wind
Architects- A Match Made In Heaven
The Agonist- Gates Of Horn And Ivory
Despised Icon- Beast
KronikNoise Promotions Kronik Kut
Voltang- Piggily Wiggily
Hundred Suns- Fractional
Anniversary- Are You Listening?
Napoleon- Afterlife
Behaviour- Dancing With The Sunset
Sons of Sirens- Deja Vu
Nails- You Will Never Be One Of Us
Enslaved- The Watcher
Parkway Drive- Carrion
This or the Apocalypse- Lamnidae
Megadeth- Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?
Megadeth- Symphony Of Destruction
Exhumed- Matter Of Splatter
Dimmu Borgir- Burn In Hell (Twisted Sister cover)

Once again here is a separate podcast. An hour of non stop music exclusively on Anger Management Radio.  Here is the playlist  and here again is the link.  Click Here.


Within the Ruins- Versus
ARCHITECTS- These Colours Don't Run (Feat Deez Nuts)
Straight Reads The Line- The Orchid Killer
Eskimo Callboy- Hey Mrs. Dramaqueen
A Different Breed Of Killer- The Accidentist
After The Burial- Bread Crumbs And White Stones
Satyricon- Mother North
Infant Annihilator- C*ntcrusher
Sworn In- Hypocrisy
Thy Art Is Murder- Doomed From Birth
The Acacia Strain- Beast
Fit For An Autopsy- Still We Destroy 
Lorna Shore- Grimoire 
The Red Chord- Fixation On Plastics 
Body Count- Institutionalized (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - OFFICIAL cover)

Want more Anger Management  it's right here.  Click to download the May 20th show.

Crossfaith- Monolith Parkway Drive- Boneyards Anniversary- WZRD BLD Anniversary- Black Hole Therapy Killswitch Engage- Strength Of The Mind Killswitch Engage- Cut Me Loose The Algorithm- Pointers Last Of A Dying Breed- Extinction Ev0lution- Life Ev0lution- UPRISE ‪#‎KronikKut‬ KronikNoise Promotions Alex Snape (from Unbowed)- Sleepmocker Unbowed- Besieged  Whitechapel- Mark Of The Blade Joey Muha- Bacon Pancakes Despised Icon- Beast Despised Icon- MVP Joey Muha- Antiques Roadshow ATTILA- RAGE The Healing- Aether Eyes Gruesome- Dimensions Of Horror Shoot The Girl First- Call Me V Hatebreed- A.D ‪#‎ClassicCut‬ Judas Priest- Ram It Down Iron Maiden- Number Of The Beast Iron Maiden- Prowler Anger Management Extras Lamb of God- Redneck Lamb Of God- Laid To Rest (Gruesome Geddes Remix) Winds of Plague- Reloaded Chimaira- Power Trip Abacabb- Regression The Acacia Strain- Dr Doom Asking Alexandria- The Final Episode (Lets Change The Channel) Bury Your Dead- Loosin' It Chelsea Grin- My Damnation I See Stars- Endless Sky (feat Danny Worsnop) BRING ME THE HORIZON- Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One Remix) Atreyu- You Give A Bad Name (Bon Jovi cover) The Devil Wears Prada- Still Fly (Big Tymers Cover) Woe, Is Me- T.G.I.F (Katy Perry cover) Woe, Is Me- Hot N' Cold (Katy Perry Cover) Beneath the Sky- Fight For Your Right To Party (Beastie Boys Cover)

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