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The Anger Management Show for January 18th

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Allegeaon- Subdivisions (RUSH COVER)
Earth’s Yellow Sun- Overture 2112(RUSH Cover)
Earth’s Yellow Sun- The Templs Of Syrinx (feat Rody Walker) (RUSH Cover)
Invent, Animate- Cloud Cascade
Shrezzers- Vivacious
Throne To The Wolves- Unbreakable
Beneath The Massacre- Rise Of The Fearmonger
Beneath The Massacre- Autonomous Mind
Jinjer- Pit Of Conciousness
Wage War- Low
Stray From The Path- Fortune Teller
We Butter The Bread With Butter- Dreh Auf!
As The Structure Fails- The Surface
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas- Massive Core
Our Souls Evolve- Consumed
Our Souls Evolve- Heart Of Stone
Earthshatter- 1135
Earthshatter- Vic Park
Cliffside- Hindsight
Heaven Shall Burn- Protector
Heaven Shall Burn- Weakness Leaving My Heart
Unearth- Zombie Autopilot
Of Mice And Men- Let Live
Texas In July-1000 Lies
All Shall Perish- Wage Slaves
Dream On, Dreamer- Downfall
After The Burial- A Wolf Amonst Ravens
Atreyu- You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi)

The Anger Management Show for January 10th

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CLIFFSIDE- Foundation
In Disarray- Damned Soul
Observants- Eye For An Eye
Beneath The Massacre- Autonomus Mind
Earthshatter- W.T.M
Necrosaurus Rex- Dawn Of The Final Day
Born Of Osiris- Under The Gun
In The Act Of Violence- Dissonant People
Die Hexe- Distress
Die Hexe- Buried
SleepWraith- A Demon’s Pawn And The Abyss
Red Handed Denial- Collector
Despised Icon- Slow Burning
In Hearts Wake- Divine
I Killed The Prom Queen- Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Necktie
I Killed The Prom Queen- Like Nails To A Casket
I Killed The Prom Queen- Sharks In Your Mouth
Thy Art Is Murder- Make America Hate Again
Thy Art Is Muder- Death Dealer
Thy Art Is Muder- Purest Strain Of Hate
Northlane- Genesis/Scarab
Northlane- Exposure
Northlane- Dispossession
Parkway Drive- Vice Grip
Parkway Drive- Unrest
Parkway Drive- Boneyards
Parkway Drive- Carrion

The Best of the Decade

AMR Show for January 3rd

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Best of 2019 Show

Click Here for Hour 1 of the Best of 2019

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Leo Morachiolli- Bad Guy (Billie Eilish Cover)
Hunt The Dinosaur- Destructo
The Ocean Cure- Huntress
Obey The Brave- Balance
Obey The Brave- No Apologies
AURAS- Momenta
Knocked Loose- Forget Your Name (Feat Kieth Buckley)
Knocked Loose- Trapped In The Grasp Of A Memory
Rings Of Saturn- Mental Prolapse
Fit For An Autopsy- Warfare
Stray From The Path- Kickback (Feat Brendan Murphy)
Lorna Shore- Immortal
Soilwork- Stalfagel (Feat Alissa-White Glutz)
In Disarray- Salvation
Angelmaker- Radiance In The Light Of A Dying Sun
Despised Icon- Slow Burning
Powerbomb- Crucifix
Powerbomb- You Talk Too Much
Observants- Pillage
Counterparts- Paradise And Plague
Gideon- Take Me
Enterprise Earth- He Exists
Infant Annihilator- Three Bastards
I Prevail- Bow Down
Jinjer- Pit Of Consciousness
Wage War- Low
Periphery- CVRCH  BVRNER
Periphery- It’s Only Smiles

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Christmas Show

Johnny Ciardullo- All I Want For Christmas (Djent Cover)
Forms- The Nutcracker
Leo Morachiolli- Last Christmas
Bobnoxious- Fa La La La
Bobnoxious- Police Nabbed My Dad
Bobnocious- Ho Ho Ho
Count Your Blessings- Two Front Teeth
Count Your Blessings- Too Much Eggnog
We Butter The Bread With Butter- Christmas Song
A Thousand Foot Krutch- Heat Miser
Betraying The Martyrs- Let It Go (Frozen Cover)
Issues- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (N SYNC Cover)
Corossion & Living Corpse- Silent Night VS Last Christmas
Crisis in Victory- Christmas Is The Sh*t!
For Today- O Come O Come Emmanuel

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Christmas Show

Big Metal James- Silent Night
Big Metal James- Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Big Metal James- Jingle Bells
Austrian Death Machine- Jingle Bells
August Burns Red- Carol Of The Bells
August Burns Red- Home Alone Theme
Shotgunner- Let’s Party Merry Gentlemen
Shotgunner- Lay Ride
Shotgunner- Feliz Navidad
Ice Nine Kills- Merry Axe-Mas
Psychostick- Holiday Hate
Psychostick- Jolly Old Sadist
I Declare War- Carol Of The Bells
I Declare War- Jingle Bell Rock
I Declare War- Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
Sirens & Sailors- Deck The Halls
Lost In Static- All I Want For Christmas
Pipedown- Carol Of The Bells
BOB & Doug McKenzie- 12 Days Of Christmas

AMR Show for December 13th

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AMR Show for December 6th

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Hour ONE 
August Burns Red- Home Alone Theme Song
A Day To Remember- Resentment
The Ocean Cure- Structures
In Disarray- Wasted Youth
In Disarray- Salvation
We Butter The Bread With Butter- Dreh Auf!
Planetkiller- A Grateful Death
The Parallel- Equinox
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas- Massive Core
Bury Tomorrow- The Grey
Enterprise Earth- He Exists
Currents- Poverty Of Self
Bodysnatcher- Black Of My Eyes
Shrezzers- Anaarak
Shrezzers- Reminiscent
Spiritbox- Rule Of Nines
Earthshatter- W.T.M
Despised Icon- Slow Burning
Basterds- Deliver Me
Shotgunner- Feliz Navidad
Shotgunner- Let’s party Merry Gentlemen
Bobnoxious- Fa La La La
Bobnoxoius- Ho Ho Ho
The Devil Wears Prada- Born To Lose
Haste The Day- Mad Man
The Irish Front- Boom Snap Clap Snap
Still Remains- The Worst Is Yet To Come
Stick To Your Guns- A Badge A Brand
Between The Buried And Me- Mordecai


Cover Show

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Click Here for Hour 1   -   Click Here for Hour 2

Click Here for Hour 1 of the Canada Day Show

Click Here for Hour 2 of the Canada Day Show

Canada Day Show 2019

Hour 1 

Baptized In Blood- Up Shirts, Down Skirts

Despised Icon- MVP

Despised Icon- In The Arms Of Perdition

Obey The Brave- Cold Summer

Blindwitness- Baby One More Notch!

Blindwitness- Backstreets Back

Cancer Bats- Sabotage

Abandon All Ships- Maria (I Like It Loud)

Sum 41- Pain For Pleasure

Blessed By A Broken Heart- Mic Skillz 2

The Holly Springs Disaster- Up In Smoke

The Holly Springs Disaster- My Pet Monster

The Gorgeous- Shy Guys

Counterparts- Only Anchors

Protest The Hero- Bloodmeat

Dead And Divine- San Dimas

Hour 2

Horcrux- The Outsider

Skip The Foreplay- ST4P

Skip The Foreplay- DJ

The Northern X Adam Jasim- Umbra (Remix)

Farewell To Freeway- In These Wounds

Kingdoms- Pyramids

Alexisonfire- Pulmonary Archery

Rosesdead- Night Danger

Boys Night Out- I Got Punched In The Nose For Sticking My Face In Other People’s Business

Silverstein- Smashed Into Pieces (2019)

Silverstein- Smile In Your Sleep (2019)

Comeback Kid- Wake The Dead


Beneath The Massacre- Nevermore

Angelmaker- Tempest

Misery Signals- Five Years

Anger Management Radio - Deathcore Show

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