Anger Management Radio 

The latest podcast is here. Click on the "Beat Jams" 10 picture above to download

The Latest Anger Management podcast is here.  Click on the picture above to download to your device.

Welcome to Anger Management Radio

This is the home of Anger Management Radio hosted by Gruesome Geddes

For  7 years the Anger Management Radio Show has been heard every week on 883 CJIQ fm.  

The show has moved to a different format and now you can hear  Anger Management as a podcast and that way you can listen anytime.

You can also listen to past shows by clicking on the tab above "past shows".

Download Beast Jams 8 - just click  on the picture above

BIG BEN BASS  -  Click here to download the latest podcast.


Anger Management Radio 

Love Metal...miss the old shows.  Click here for the archive.

Let us know if you would like to hear some new shows.

Contact us at the e-mail address below. Or e-mail us and we'll send you a link.

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