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AMR Show for December 7th
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Anger Management Show for Nov. 30th
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Hour 1
The Healing- Phantom Self
Born of Osiris- The Accursed 
Killitorous- It’s Not Stanley, It’s STAN LEE
Past The Verge- Fragile Minds (feat Michael Labelle) 
Outrun the Sunlight- Hava Nagila
Count Your Blessings- Too Much Eggnog
Corrsion & Living Corpse- Silent Night VS Last Christmas
Islands & Empires- Label Me
Enochian- Sadistic
The Northern- Samsara/ Nauticus (feat Michael Labelle) 
Thy Art Is Murder- Death Perception
Whitechapel- Brimstone
Lost Creation- Loathing (feat Remi of Obliterate) 

Hour 2
Lungless- N o i s e / W a v e 
WINDRUNNER- Sakura fea Yul (End These Days)/ Narcissus
Lorna Shore- This Is Hell
Obliterate- Impending Death
Harm's Way- Human Carrying Capactiy
Bobnoxious- Fa La La La
Fallujah- The Void Alone
Oceans Ate Alaska- Escapist
Dead And Divine- San Dimas
Lamb of God-Laid To Rest (GRUESOME REMIX)

Anger Management Radio Show
for November 23rd

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Hour 1
Bury Tomorrow Black Flame
North Shore- True North
The Waning Light- Taste The Salt
Spiritbox- Trust Fall
Lungless- Noise
Unearth- Survivalist/One With The Sun
WINDRUNNER- Sakura (feat YUL End These Days)
Currents-Into Despair
Chelsea Grin- Dead Rose
Born of Osiris- The Accursed/Follow The Signs

Hour 2
Breakdowns At Tiffany's- Ghost
Beguiler- Born Under A Bad Sign
Voltang- Garbage People
Horcrux- Resilient/The Outsider
Lorna Shore-This Is Hell
Fit For A King- Tower Of Pain
Body Break (R.I.P) - Tear Her Face
Bobnoxious- Police Nabbed My Dad
For Today- O Come O Come Emmanuel
Underoath- In Regards To Myself/It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door/When The Sun Sleeps

Anger Management Radio Show

for November 16th

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Hour 1
The Browning Carnage feat Iamjakehill
ARCHITECTS- Death Is Not Defeat/ Hereafter
Death Note Silence- Forgotten
The Healing- Glass Houses/Return To Source
Unearth- One With The Sun
Beguiler- Exponential Decay
LOST LIGHT-Precision Decision
Archspire- Relentless Mutation
He Is Legend- White Bat
Our Last Night- Havana (cover)

Hour 2
BLACK TONGUE- Second Death
Lungless- Near Shore
Perfect Limbs- Blind Eye (feat Matt Tobin)
The Waning Light-Taste The Salt
Past The Verge-Fragile Minds (feat Michael Labelle)
Respire- Bound
The Dali Thundering Concept- Ink (feat Adam of Oceano)
The Artifice Precept- Whatever Do They See?
Lorna Shore- This Is Hell
Attack Attack!- The People’s Elbow
Blessed By A Broken Heart- Carry On
I, The Breather- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
We Butter The Bread With Butter- Christmas Song
August Burns Red- Home Alone Theme Song
Anger Management Radio Show 
For November 9th
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Hour 1
Dance Gavin Dance- Semi Charmed Kinda Life (Third Eye BlindCover)
Silent Planet- Visible Unseen
Shark Infested Daughters- Jenova
Iomair- Dance Of Eternal Insanity
The Artifice Precept- Whatever Do They See (Feat Composer George Hamad and Ben Duerr Shadow Of Intent)
Death Note Silence- Forgotten
Die Hexe- Distress/Buried
Whitechapel- Brimstone
The Browning- Giest
ERRA- Dissaray
Currents-Into Despair
For A Life Unburdened - Wrong
Oceans Ate Alaska- Escapist
Hour 2
Thy Art Is Murder- Death Dealer
He Is Legend- White Bat
BLACK TONGUE- Second Death
Cardinals Pride- Still Alright
The Parallel- Chimera
POWERBOMB- Superkick’d/ Major Threat (Jody Threat's theme song)
STRUCTURES- Departure/Transitions
Northlane- Exposure
A Day To Remember- Paranoia
The Devil Wears Prada- Assistant To The Regional Manager
Dream on Dreamer- Downfall

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