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Here is the playlist

Part I ERRA- Render The Void *Pomegranate Tiger- Cyclic *Speak of the Devil- Formaldehyde And Seek *Protest The Hero- Bloodmeat Fallujah- The Void Alone The Contortionist- Oscillator *Dancing With Paris- Boardwalk *Dancing With Paris- Plurals *Misery Signals- Worlds & Dreams Conducting From The Grave- What Monsters We Have Become ( Parts I&II) *Empty Hands- Bad Habits Animals As Leaders- Kalimba Genghis Tron- Arms 53% Canadian Part II *THE AFTERIMAGE- The Unseen Horse The Band- Anti-Pizza *INTERVALS- Sure Shot *A Textbook Tragedy- Stay Out Of Riverdale *Ninjaspy- Shuriken Dance Between The Buried And Me- Ants Of The Sky *Through Lucid Eyes- Introspection The Fall of Troy- I Just Got This Symphony Goin' We Butter The Bread With Butter- Oh Mama Mach Kartoffelsalat *FTF- Unburden The Irish Front- Boom Snap Clap Snap Maximum the Hormone

Anger Management Show from April 14th

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Click here for Hour 2

Happy Easter Weekend metalheads. Here is what we played last night if you like what you hear please be sure to "like" the bands we tagged on on Facebook. Download the latest AMR podcasts anytime for free on

Part 1 Obey The Brave- On Our Own ISSUES- Yung & Dum Slagduster- Peeping Ron Ev0lution x BLAST - ROAR  Monarch Woods- Enter Bloodroot She Must Burn- Gloom/ Victoria Shark Infested Daughters- Tidebringer (Geddes Remix) Soilwork- Helsinki The Ghost Inside- Between The Lines The Acacia Strain- Bitter Pill #KronikKut KronikNoise Promotions --> Ninjaspy- Shuriken Dance<-- Thy Art Is Murder- No Absolution  A Day To Remember- Paranoia  iwrestledabearonce- Firebees

Part 2 Anniversary- Black Hole Therapy (Gruesome Geddes Remix) Slaughter To Prevail- Chronic Slaughter/King Horcrux- Wormtail Martyr Defiled- Sins Of The Father A Textbook Tragedy- Intimidator  Deafheaven- Sunbather Speak of the Devil- Formaldehyde & Seek Painted In Exile- Skylines #ClassicCut Between The Buried And Me- Mordecai Next week is our PROGRESSIVE METAL SHOW! Don't miss it! #TheWorldsHeaviestRadioShow #AngerManagementRadio#LessChatterMoreSplatter

Anger Management Show from Friday, April 7th

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Here is the set list!

Part I
All Shall Perish- Wage Slaves
Ev0lution x BLAST- ROAR
AngelMaker- Day/Day
All At Sea- Binary Heart
Shadow Of Intent- The Horror Within
Emmure- Smokey
Nik Nocturnal- Heavy (Linkin Park cover)
Oceano- The Great Tribulation
CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT- Ascend From Disruption
Lungless- Near Shore
#KronikKut KronikNoise Promotions---
--> Horcrux- Wormtail <--
ERRA- Andromeda 
Of Mice & Men- Still YDG'N
Of Mice & Men- Second & Sebring

Part II 
Cattle Decapitation- Not Suitable For Life
The Royal- Thunder
Obey The Brave- On Our Own 
Bloodywood - Metal Parodies- PPAP
Fit For A King- Stacking Bodies feat Levi Benton
Miss May I- Hey Mister
Misery Signals- A Certain Death
Greta Knights- 2064
She Must Burn- Gloom
Oh, Sleeper- The Finisher 
ION DISSONANCEDISSONANCE- Perpetually Doomed: The Siberian Task
#classiccut In Flames- Dead Alone/ Quiet Place
Children Of Bodom Downfall

Anger Management Radio Show from March 31st.

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Here is the latest set list.

Part I  -Anniversary- Black Hole Therapy Fit For An Autopsy- Black Mammoth THE AFTERIMAGE- Pursue Comeback Kid- I Should Know Better Voltang- Lunatic Slick Emmure- Natural Born Killer Lorna Shore- Flesh Coffin Gideon- Champions The Acacia Strain- Bitter Pill She Must Burn- After Death AngelMaker- Aradia Lungless- Near Shore Dream on Dreamer- Downfall ARCHITECTS- These Colours Don't Run He Is Legend- I Am Hollywood

Part II  - Salt the Wound- Early Mornings & Late Nights Bermuda- Survivors Guilt The Healing- Aaether Eyes Despised Icon- Beast Despised Icon- Five One Four Beneath the Massacre- Profitable Kill Count A Textbook Tragedy- Intimidator Oceano- A Great Tribulation Oceano- District Of Misery After The Burial- A Wolf Among Ravens Born of Osiris- Brace Legs mychildren mybride- Circle The Sky Winds of Plague- Impaler At The Gates- Blinded By Fear Means- Connected The Bled- Red Wedding

Anger Management Show from March 24th

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NON-STOP MIX (I highly recommend you download this one and use it for either a party or a good work-out) Part I Emmure- Smokey The Northern- Nauticus Anniversary- Black Hole Therapy Die Hexe- Distress Die Hexe- Buried THE AFTERIMAGE- Pursue THE AFTERIMAGE- The Unseen She Must Burn- Victoria Fit For An Autopsy- Iron Moon Vanna- Pretty Grimm Official Darkest Hour- Savour The Kill VEIL OF MAYA- Viscous Circles Maylene and the Sons of Disaster- Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead Harm's Way- Timing KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut Throne to the Wolves- Every Match (A Bridge Burned) Decapitated- Spheres Of Madness Part II Crossfaith- Monolith Born of Osiris- Brace Legs/ Abstract Art Every Time I Die- Silver Tongues Powerbomb- You Talk Too Much As Blood Runs Black- Strife (Chug Chug) Through Lucid Eyes- Introspection Greta Knights- 2064 Gideon- Champions Empty Hands- Agnosia Blow- Tongue & Cheek Young and in the Way- Be My Blood Gojira- Stranded #ClassicCut Farewell to Freeway- In These Wounds Mors Principium Est- We Are The Sleep

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