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I’m Gruesome Geddes but you can call me Andy, and in the 15 Years of Anger Management Radio broadcasting on public radio stations. We have always supported Black Artists and Musicians. To show our support on behalf of Anger Management Radio we have donated to Black Lives Matter Toronto

I encourage all my listeners who can to donate as well at
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Anger Management Radio

September 18th

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Shadow Of Intent- The Return

Observants- Pillage 

Goreworm- Beneath The Plastic

Goreworm- Final Nightmare

Oceano- District Of Misery

Being- Fentanyl Illness (feat Karl Anderson)

Planetkiller- Become None

Despised Icon- MVP

Despised Icon- In The Arms Of Perdition

Chelsea Grin- Hostage

Chelsea Grin- Recreant

Enterprise Earth- The Failsafe Fallacy

Within Destruction- No Way Out

Hunt The Dinosaur- Destructo

Infant Annihilator- Three Bastards

A Different Breed Of Killer- The Accidentist

Beneath The Massacre- Reign Of Terror

Beneath The Massacre- Nevermore

Inherit The Crown- Crawling Chaos

Earthshatter- Spit

Angelmaker- Tempest

Falsifier- I Am Death

Black Tongue- Second Death

Black Tongue- Coma

Carnifex- In Coalense With Filth And Faith

Hester Prynne- Casketing

As Blood Runs Black- Hester Prynne

Signal The Firing Squad- Abominator

The Tony Danza Tapdancing Extravaganza- The Alpha The Omega

Whitechapel- Possessed

Winds Of Plague- Decimate The Weak

Anger Management Radio

September 11th

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Deftones- Back To School

Kingdom Of Giants- Wayfinder

Sionis- Asthenia 

Spiritbox- Holy Roller

Carcosa- A Plague

Slaughter To Prevail- Demolisher

Signal The Firing Squad- Adapting To Genocide

Nucluist- Mind Smear (Deluxe Edition feat Misstiq)

Basterds- Deliver Me

Like Moths To Flames- YOTM

VantaVoid- Burn (feat Frankie of Emmure)

Die Hexe- Distress

Die Hexe- Buried

Eskimo Callboy- MC Thunder

Eskimo Callboy- MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)

Capstan- Livebait

To Kill Achilles- 21:36

Serration- Downpour

Powerbomb- One Winged Angel

Counterparts-Wings Of Nightmares

Words Like Wildfire- Shake The Fear (feat Kellin Quinn)

Erra- Snowblood

Fit For A King- Annihilation

The Healing- Glass Houses

Angelmaker- Hollow Heart

Leo Morachiolli- Banana Brain (Die Antwood Cover)

Artas- Gangsta’s Paradise (Coolio Cover)

Whitechapel- This Is Exile

Maximum The Hormone- Yoshu Fukushu

Atreyu- You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi Cover)

Anger Management Radio

September 4th

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Enox- Radiance feat Ricky Armellino 

Fit For A King- Annihilation

Protosequence- The Hate Subsides

Heartless- Gravemind

Erra- Snowblood

Sionis- Asthenia (feat Jon Deiley of Northlane)

Despised Icon- Slow Burning

Lamb Of God- The Death Of Me

Shark Infested Daughters- Cetra (feat Frankie Of Emmure)

Respire- Tempest

Curses- (Wu-Wei)

Kingdom Of Giants- Wayfinder

Currents- Monsters

Dematerialize- Summer

So This Is Suffering- Moonlight Serenade

Babirusa- Resistor


Sufferize- Equilibrium

The Parallel- Who I’ve Become

Observants- Supreme Being

Counterparts- Wings Of Nightmares

Red Handed Denial- Collector

Powerbomb- You Talk Too Much

For Today- Arm The Masses (Feat Drew York of Stray From The Path)

For Today- The Advocate

For Today- Words Of Hope

The Devil Wears Prada- Reptar, King Of The Ozone

Bleeding Through- Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire

Anger Management Radio

July 31st Show - Birthday Bash 2020

Click Here for Hour 1

Click Here for Hour 2

Hour One 

In Hearts Wake- Hellbringer

Knocked Loose- Mistakes Like Fractures

Angelmaker- Tempest

Powerbomb- Shotgun Saturday Night

Die Hexe- Distress

Die Hexe- Buried

Parkway Drive- Deadman’s Chest

I Killed The Prom Queen- Like Nails To A Casket

Baptized In Blood- Dirty’s Back

Rose Funeral- God Demise

Black Tongue- Second Death

Capstan- Livebait

Shortline Hero- Old Cabbagetown

Destroy The Prophet- Between The Roots (feat Mike Froh)

The Holly Springs Disaster- MY Pet Monster

Memphis May Fire- Cowbell’s Makin’ A Comeback

Hour Two 

The Gorgeous- Shy Guys

Shrezzers- Vivacious

The Healing- Glass Houses

Within The Ruins- Tractor Pull

Distoriam- Venturing Forth

Observants- PIlage

Slaughter To Prevail- Demolisher

HORSE The Band- Birdo

Alexisonfire- Accidents

Emmure- Demons With Ryu

The Acacia Strain- 4X4

Unearth- Zombie Autopilot

BabyMetal- いいね!- Iine!

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas- Chase The Light

マキシマム ザ ホルモン "え・い・り・あ・ん" (Maximum The Hormone- A.L.I.E.N


Anger Management Radio
For July 3rd
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Leo Morachiolli- Peaches (metal cover)

Shrezzers- Reminiscent (feat NATLY)

Captan- Livebait

Hjarna Waves- SENUA

In Hearts Wake- Hellbringer

Counterparts- Purer Form Of Pain

Obey The Brave- No Apologies

Obey The Brave- Balance

Emmure- Pigs Ear

The Parallel- Who I’ve Become

Bury Tomorrow- Choke

Until We Get Caught- Fading Out (Ft Kellin Quinn)

Eskimo Callboy- Hypa Hypa

We Butter The Bread With Butter- Dreh Auf!

Attila- Cancelled

Arrowheads- Stale

Misery Signals- The Tempest    

Within Destruction- No Way Out

Abrade The Earth- Vague Light

Beneath The Massacre- Autonomous Light

Planet Killer- Become None

Powerbomb- Bang Bang!

Powerbomb- The Man

Make Them Suffer- Bones

Enox- Stacker
Teeth- Writhe 

Dematerialize- Transcendence 

Knocked Loose- Trapped In The Grasp Of A Memory
The Browning- Amnesia

Alexisonfire- Accidents

Poppy- Bite Your Teeth

American Me- Anti-Life Equation

Of Mice & Men- YDG

Within The Ruins- Tractor Pull

HORSE The Band- Anti-Pizza 

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