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Anger Management Radio

October 14th

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The Browning- Living Dead

*The Holly Springs Disaster- Up In Smoke

*The Hollow Sea- Lonesome Youth

*Prophets- Seperate

*Prophets- Coffin Call

*Vesuvius- Hibernate

*Shark Infested Daughters- Glass Kingdoms

We Came As Romans- Wasted Age

* Colour in the Clouds- 27 Flowers

*Go To WhiteCastle- Sewn Eyes Nation

Every Time I Die- C++ (Love will get you killed)

Fit For A King- Stacking Bodies (feat Levi of Miss May I)

*Horcrux- The Outsider

11pm Emmure- Torch

The Acacia Strain- Doomblade

The Faceless- All Dark Graves

*Cardinals Pride- Apologia

*Three Crowns- Time Will Tell (feat Ben Waugh of Exalt) Kingdoms- Pyramids

Advocate- Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell cover)

Armana Reign- Halloween

Misfits- Die Die My Darling

Misfits- Dig Up Her Bones

Make Them Suffer- The Eternal Cold

Anger Management Radio

September 30th

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*Shark Infested Daughters- Glass Kingdoms

*Beneath the Massacre- Reign Of Terror

*Beneath the Massacre- The Surface

She Must Burn- Possessed

*Sons of Sirens- LSD

*LOYALIST- Runaway

VELA- Swansong

*AURAS- Infinite Influence

*Perfect Limbs- Blind Eye *Prophets-Coffin Call

*Prophets- Desperae

Everyone Dies In Utah- Synrs

Soilwork- Helsinki

Lamb of God- Grace 11pm

Parkway Drive- Boneyards


We Came As Romans- Wasted Age

We Came As Romans- Statues

*Misery Signals- Ebb & Flow

Upon A Burning Body-'Til The Break Of Dawn

I See Stars- Endless Sky (feat Danny Worsnop)

Slayer- Raining Blood

Children Of Bodom- Downfall

Beneath the Sky- Fight For Your Right To Party (Beastie Boys Cover)

Anger Management Radio

September 23rd

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Fallujah- The Void Alone

Memphis May Fire- The Light I Hold

*BEING- Infectious 


Throwdown- Baby Got Back

*My Home, The Catacombs- I, Ceresei

VELA- Swansong

*Beneath the Massacre- Reign Of Terror 

Harm's Way- Timing

*Galactic Pegasus- Mare Imbrian <--

*Throne to the Wolves- Calm Before The Store

The Contortionist- Exoplanet III: Light

*Despised Icon- Bad Vibes 11pm

ATTILA- Ignite

*Æpoch- Ouroborus Broken

Our Last Night- Escape

KING 810- War Time (feat Trick-Trick)

*Beyond Deviation- The Plague King

The Eyes Of A Traitor- Thursday

Still Remains- The Worst Is Yet To Come

Norma Jean- The Shotgun Message

Norma Jean- I Used To Hate Cellphones, Now I Hate Car Accidents

Iron Maiden- The Trooper 

Anger Management Radio 

 September 16th

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Memphis May Fire- The Abandoned

*Misery Signals- A Certain Death

*Anniversary- Are You Listening? 

Breakdown of Sanity- From The Depths

In Flames- The Truth

*Blackguard- This Rounds On Me

Finntroll- Jatken's Tid 

Finntroll- Trollhammeren

Swashbuckle- Drink Up!

Vesuvius- Hibernate

*Blind  Witness (band)- Baby, One More Notch!

*Disfigured Elegance- Catharsis For The Stillborn

Being  As An Ocean- OK 

*Ending  Tyranny- Depravity

Motionless In White- 570

Motionless In White- Immaculate Misconception

Upon A Burning Body- 'Til The Break Of Dawn

Upon  A Burning Body- Texas Blood Money

*Shark Infested Daughters- Glass Kingdoms

*Obliterate-  I, Cerberus

A Plea  for Purging- Motives

Whitechapel- Possession

Cradle  of Filth - Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron

 Maiden cover)

Oceano-  District Of Misery

Anger Management Radio

September 9th

Here is the playlist. Click here to listen.


*Joey  Muha- Glorious (Booby Roode Drum Cover)

*Horcrux- The Outsider

HUNDREDTH- Dead Weight

Everyone  Dies In Utah- Synrs

Swashbuckle- Cruise Ship Terror

Alestorm- Keelhauled

*Blackguard- The Last We Wage

Turisas- Rasputin (Boney M cover) *

Five  Years- Intro *Five Years-Forgive Me

*Exalt- Sacrifice To Purity

*Exalt- Judas Wolf

*The  Apex- Paid In Exposure 11pm

Upon A Burning Body- 'Til The Break Of Dawn

*Illyrian- Round 2: Fight

*AURAS- Spiral

Breakdown  of Sanity- From The Depths

Heaven  Shall Burn- Bring The War Home

Stick To Your Guns- No Tolerance

*Shark  Infested Daughters- Glass Kingdom

Killswitch  Engage- This Fire Burns

Twelve Tribes- Venus Complex

From  Autumn to Ashes- Royal Crown VS Blue Dutchess

The Bled- Red Wedding 

Anger Management Radio 

September 2nd - Click Here to Download

Here is the playlist...

10pm *Shark Infested Daughters- Glass Kingdoms

*The Apex- Paid In Exposure

*Great Lakes- Chrysalid

Everyone Dies In Utah- Synrs

In Flames- The End/The Truth

*The Luminary- Cycles

*Joey Muha- Undertale "Spider Dance"

*Throne to the Wolves- Fear The Faceless

* Horcrux- The Outsider

ToxicxEternity- Gourmet Race guitar cover


Gwen Stacy- The Fear In Your Eyes 11pm

Emmure- Dogs Get Put Down

Emmure- Demons With Ryu

*Ev0lution- Uprise

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster- Caution! Dangerous Curves Ahead

Every Time I Die- Underwater Bimbos From Outerspace

He Is Legend- I Am Hollywood

*Chariots of the Gods- Into Oblivion feat Pascal Paco Jobin

*The Agonist- The Moment

Stick To Your Guns- The Never Ending Story

Deftones- Back To School

Deftones- Hexagram

Stick To Your Guns- This Is More

The AMR - All Classic Cuts Show

This week live from the shores of Prince Edward Island

Click to download Hour 1

Click to download Hour 2

All Classic Cuts Show! Friday August 26th 2016 10pm Pantera- Cowboys From Hell *3 Inches of Blood- Deadly Sinners *Boys Night Out- I Got Punched In The Face For Sticking My Nose In Other Peoples Business From a Second Story Window- The Crusher The Human Abstract- Mea Culpa All Shall Perish- Wage Slaves *Misery Signals- Anchor *Misery Signals- The Year Summer Ended In June *Misery Signals- Five Years Emmure- 10 Signs You Should Leave As Blood Runs Black- My Fears Have Become Phobias A Day To Remember- A Shot In The Dark Decapitated- Spheres Of Madness *The Holly Springs Disaster- My Pet Monster 42% Can Con 11pm Underoath- Angel Below The Devil Wears Prada- Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over *Dead And Divine- San Dimas *Despised Icon- The Sunset Will Never Charm Us *Beneath the Massacre- Untitled *Beneath The Massacre- Comforting Prejudice Atreyu- Bleeding Mascara DevilDriver- I Could Care Less Dark Tranquillity- Lost To Apathy *Razor- Evil Invaders Death (Metal band)- Misanthropic *Into Eternity- Spiraling Into Depression Lamb of God- Walk WithMe In Hell Judas Priest- Painkiller Iron Maiden- The Trooper

The AMR Cover Show.

This week we did something different it's our all cover show.

Click  to listen to Hour 1 & here for Hour 2.  Here is the playlist.

Blessed By A Broken Heart- MIc Skillz 2

*Anniversary- Passenger (Deftones cover)

iwrestledabearonce- Uprising (Muse cove)

*Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial feat Gerard Vachon- Mikasa (VEIL OF MAYA cover)


A Faylene Sky- Break Your Heart (Tio Cruz cover)

Call It Karma- Closer (NE-YO cover)

*Our Last Night- You Outta Know (Alanis Morissette cover)

*Skip The Foreplay- Champagne Showers (LMFAO cover)

Asking Alexandria- Right Now (na na) (AKON)

Alesana- What Goes Around (Justin Timberlake cover)

Haste The Day- Meet Me Halfway (Black Eyed Peas cover)

Horse The Band- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme

*Exes For Eyes- Break It Down Again (Tears for Fears cover)

The Black Dahlia Murder- Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones cover) 11pm

I Set My Friends On Fire- Krank Dat (Soulja Boy Tell Em cover)

Arise- Kiss Me Thru The Phone (Souljah Boy Cover)

*Abandon All Ships- Maria (Scooter cover)

*Johnny Truant- French Immersion (Cancer Bats Cover)

*Cancer Bats- Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)

Within the Ruins- Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas cover)

*Red Handed Denial- Alpha (Periphery cover)

Blind Witness (band)- Backstreets Back (Backstreet Boys cover)

Dimmu Borgir- Burn In Hell (Twisted Sister cover)

Sea of Treachery- Misery Business (Paramore cover)

The Devil Wears Prada- Still Fly (Big Tymers cover)

Woe, Is Me- Tik Tok (Kesha cover)

Woe, Is Me- T.G.I.F (Katy Perry cover)

* Joey Muha- Lost Woods Drum Cover

Throwdown- Baby Got Back (Sir Mix Alot cover)

Bleed From Within- Bed Intruder Cover

Motionless In White- Dragula (Rob Zombie cover) Overall


AMR Show - August 12th

What a great show.  Featuring our special guests "BEING", who are just about to go on tour with the Luminary.  Catch them live if you can and if you missed the radio show, don't worry - click here to listen anytime.

Here is the setlist.

Thy Art Is Murder- Doomed From Birth BEING- Sinister Whitechapel- End Of Flesh BEING- Cathartic The Luminary- Awake Sabretooth- Collapse Beyond Deviation- The Plague King BEING- Infectious Signal The Firing Squad- Adapting To Genocide I Exalt- Dialect feat Matthew of Martyr Defiled BEING- Vermin COUNTERPARTS- Ghost KronikNoise Promotions Kronik Kut---> My Home, The Catacombs- Cersei Obliterate- I, Cerebus Carnifex- Six Feet Closer To Hell Anniversary- Passanger (Deftones cover) Arbiter- Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley Cover) #ClassicCut All Shall Perish- Wage Slaves Exhumed- Matter Of Splatter The Faceless- Lecia

Latest Show - August 5th.

Special Guests....Islands & Empires.

Click here to download the show.  Enjoy!

Here is the playlist

The/Order- Void Walker The Healing- First Light The Hollow Sea- Lonesome Youth The Hollow Sea- Devil Underground Islands & Empires- Middle Ground Of Mice & Men- Pain Falsifier- I Am Death KronikNoise Promotions Kronik Kut--> Lungless- Ark Islands & Empires- Mania Islands & Empires- Label Me Pantera- I'm Broken Carnifex- Slow Death Ending Tyranny- Depravity Expire- Abyss Miss May I- Hey Mister BEING- Infectious Signal The Firing Squad- Abomination Fallujah- The Void Alone Our Last Night- Toxic (Britney Spears Cover) Throwdown- Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-a-Lot cover) Beneath the Sky- Fight For Your Right (to party) (Beastie Boys cover) #ClassicCut SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - OFFICIAL- Institutionalized

Gruesome's Birthday Bash

In Case you missed it - here are links to all three hours of the show aired on Erin Radio on July 29th -

Hours 1 & 2 - Click to Download        Bonus Hour  -  Click to download

Birthday Bash Music List


"Lean On" Cover of Major Lazer . Gruesome Remix feat Kelly Valleau and Andrew Baena

Dj Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down For What - DJENT / METALCORE Cover - Andrew Baena

Turisas- Rasputin (Boney M Cover)

*Abandon All Ships- Maria (I Like It Loud)

Bury Tomorrow- Livin' La Vida Loca

*Cancer Bats- Sabotage

*Islands & Empires- Label Me

*Blessed By A Broken Heart- Show Me What You Got

*Blind Witness (band)- Baby, One More Notch!

*The Holly Springs Disaster- My Pet Monster


* Lean Gretzky- Render/Prosper 

VEIL OF MAYA- The Glass Slide

Austrian Death Machine- I Need your clothes, your boots, your motorcycle. *AURAS- WaterStone

After The Burial- Drifts

Asking Alexandria- If You Can't Ride 2 Horses, Maybe You Should Get Out Of The Circus



Beneath the Sky- Fight For Your Right To Party (cover)

Atreyu- Lip Gloss And Black

*Counterparts- Sturdy Wings

All Shall Perish- The Day Of Justice

Slayer- Raining Blood

For the Fallen Dreams- December Everyday

Iron Maiden- Prowler

The Acacia Strain-4x4

Judas Priest- Painkiller


Blessthefall- 2.0/What's Left Of Me

*Red Handed Denial- Collector

Official Darkest Hour- Savor The Kill

*Go To WhiteCastle- Sewn Eyes Nation

*Rosesdead- Balance

As I Lay Dying Official- Anodyne Sea

As I Lay Dying- Darkest Nights

*A Textbook Tragedy- Stay Out Of Riverdale

*Sewn Eyes- Light Up

*Baptized In Blood- Up Shirts, Down Skirts

Carnifex- In Coalesce With Filth And Faith

Bleeding Through - OFFICIAL PAGE- Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire

A Day To Remember- Welcome To The Family 

Pantera- Walk

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