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This is the home of Anger Management Radio hosted by Gruesome Geddes.  

You can listen to the biggest metal show in the area anytime right here but don't forget to tune in to Erin Radio for live shows every Friday Night between 10 pm - Midnight Eastern Time.

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Anger Management Radio

Show for May 18th

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Hour 1
Bury Tomorrow- Black Flame
Soulkeeper- Weakness
Hjärna Waves- Godbox
Vesperia- Forsaken Shores
The Afterimage- Amethyst (feat Kennedy Lapenna)
The AfterImage- Wrath
The AfterImage- Violator
#KronikKut Galactic Pegasus- The Looking Glass
Galactic Pegasus- Shadow King (feat Courtney LaPlante)
Born of Osiris- Exist/Brace Legs
Hour 2
The Dali Thundering Concept- Ink (feat Adam Warren of Oceano)
Impending Doom- Everything’s Fake
Shadow Of Intent- Underneath A Sullen Moon
Alexisonfire- This Could Be Anywhere In The World
Alexisonfire- Hey It’s Your Funeral Mama
Respire- Bound
Mors Principium Est- We Are The Sleep
As Blood Runs Black- Hester Prynne
Slipknot- (SIC)
From Autumn To Ashes Official Milligram Smile
From Autumn To Ashes- The After Dinner Payback

Anger Management Radio

Show for May 11th

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May 11th Show 

Hour 1

Chelsea Grin- Dead Rose
Shark Infested Daughters- Cetra feat Frankie Of Emmure
STASIS- Malice
The Northern- Samsara
The Ocean Cure- Don’t Let Me Down (Chainsmokers cover) 
PassCode- Miss Unlimited
Baby Metal- Distortion
#kronikkut BRAND OF SACRIFICE- Eclipse 
The Luminary- Control
Powerbomb- Shotgun Saturday Night
We Are Human- Strive
Voltang- Garbage People
Falsifier- R.I.D/Choke

Hour 2

Bleed From Within- Afterlife
Bury Tomorrow- Black Flame
Underlier- King Of Longing 
Dualist- Dasein 
Our Last Nightt- God’s Plan (Drake Cover) 
VEIL OF MAYA- Overthrow/Aeris 
Official Darkest Hour- Savor The Kill
Within the Ruins- Controller
Gwen Stacy- The Fear In Your Eyes/ Gone Fishing See You In A Year
Emmure- Chicago’s Finest/ False Love In Real Life 
The Ghost Inside- Engine 45
A Day To Remember- Mr Highway’s Thinking About The End


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Click Here for Hour 2

The Acacia Strain- JFC
Obliterate- Impending Death
Beneath the Massacre- Reign Of Terror/Nevermore
Chelsea Grin- Dead Rose/Recreant 
Lorna Shore- Grimoire 
Falsifier- Choke/ I Am Death
Carnifex- The Diseased And The Poisoned/ In Coalesce With Filth And Faith 
Thy Art Is Murder- Doomed From Birth
SUFFERIZE- I Will Be Praised 
Slaughter To Prevail- King
Oceano- District Of Misery

Signal The Firing Squad - Abengate feat Alex Erian of Despised Icon
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza- The Alpha/ The Omega (feat Alex Erian Of Despised Icon and Phil Bozeman Of Whitechapel)
Despised Icon- Day Of Mourning/ MVP/ In The Arms Of Perdition
Whitechapel- This Is Exile 
The Last Felony- No One Would Notice If You Died
I Exalt- Dialect (feat Matthew Jones Of Martyr Defiled
Winds of Plague- One Body Too Many
Impending Doom- In Reverance Of
Initiate Jericho- A Victim Complex
Hollow Prophet- Conjuring Impurity
Suicide Silence- No Pity For A Coward/Bludgeoned To Death
Infant Annihilatorr- C*nt Crusher

AMR Show for April 27th

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Part 1

Shark Infested Daughters - Cetra feat Frankie of Emmure

Bleeding Through - OFFICIAL PAGE- Set Me Free

The Author- interrogation of Nikki G

The Good Depression- Sweet Solace

Obliterate- Impending Death

SUFFERIZE- I Will Be Praised

Shadow Of Intent- Catacombs feat Dickie Allen of Infant Anihilator and Jason Evans

The Northern- Samsara 

Dualist- Daesin

Emmure- Smoky

The Dali Thundering Concept- INK feat Adam Warren of Oceano

Parkway Drive Prey

Parkway Drive- Deadmans Chest

Part 2

Hjärna Waves- Godbox

Voltang- Garbage People

The Fatalist- Apocalypse Towers

The Burden- Moving Pictures



Currents- Apnea

For the Fallen Dreams- Two Graves

As Blood Runs Black- Strife (chug chug)

As Blood Runs Black- My Fears Have Become My Phobias 

Martyr AD- American Hollow 

Despised Icon- The Sunset Will Never Charm Us

Winds of Plague- Decimate The Weak

Whitechapel- Ear To Ear

AMR Show for April 20th

The Progressive Metal Show

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Part 1

The Contortionist- Oscillator 

Through Lucid Eyes- Introspection

Earth's Yellow Sun- 2112 RUSH cover feat Brodie of Protest The Hero

Protest The Heroo- Bloodmeat

Greta Knights- 2064 

Greta Knights- I3

Greta Knights- Dark Empire 

Fallujah- The Void Alone

KronikNoise Promotions #kronikkut-->Hjärna Waves- Godbox

The Bunny The Bear- The Aisle 

Horse The Band- Murder 

HORSE The Band- Anti-Pizza

Genghis Tron- Arms

Part 2

Rosesdead- Awake In The Water

Rosesdead- Falling And Falling

#AllatusAdeo- Goodbye Cylinder 

#Tugnut - I’m Not A Bird

Speak of the Devil- Formaldehyde & Seek


Between The Buried And Me- More Of Myself To Kill

BTBAM- Seilkiess The Endless Obession

Animals As Leaders- On Impulse

Sky Eats Airplane- Giants In The Ocean

ERRA- Dreamcatcher

The Fall of Troy- You’ve Gotta Death Wish Johnny Traunt

マキシマム ザ ホルモン( maximum the hormone )- A.L.I.E.N 

AMR Show for Friday the 13th

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Hour 1 

She Must Burn- Eclipse

Bleeding Through - OFFICIAL PAGE- Set Me Free

Obliterate-Impending Death

Goreworm Official- Beneath The Plastic/Final Nightmare


Hollow Prophet - Conjuring Of Impurity

Shark Infested Daughters - Cetra (feat Frankie Palmeri Of Emmure) 

#KronikKut KronikNoise Promotions

Æpoch- Tabula Rasa

The Dali Thundering Concept - Utopia/ Ink feat Adam Warren of Oceano

clown core- Google Your Own Death/ Hell

Hour 2

Shadow Of Intent- Underneath A Sullen Moon

ATTILA- Blackout


The Luminary- Control (playing this years #KronikFest18)


Ending Tyranny- Depravity

Deafheaven- Dreamhouse 

The Fall of Troy- F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X 

A Textbook Tragedy- Stay Out Of Riverdale

Motionless In White- Dragula (Rob Zombie cover)

Advocate- Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell cover)

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Mic Skillz 2 

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