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A special message from Gruesome Geddes on June 30th, 2015

Anger Management Radio

Published by Gee Geddes · 5 hrs · 

Well... today is a very,very emotional day.
On this very day, 10 years ago I was a 16 year old kid sorting through a stack of cd's, printing really poorly made posters and handing them out every where at shows, high school, street corners, you name it to spread the word of the very, very first episode of Anger Management Radio.

I had the pleasure of helping some of the most amazing local bands take off and grow such as Playing The Victim,Of The First Born Son, Farewell To Freeway, Kingdoms, Endast and hundreds more.

I've also met my hero's like Winston from Parkway DriveOf Mice and Men, Sam from ARCHITECTSMisery SignalsAs I Lay Dying OfficialThe Black Dahlia MurderWhitechapelMUSHROOMHEAD OFFICIALSlipknot,iwrestledabearonce Emmure and thousands more.

I would have never, ever imagined the show to take off as much as it did and I know there is still some life on this Facebook Page and I want to thank each and every single one of you, the fans who listened at the gym, at work late at night, the people who called in, the people who joined online,the people who would blast in their car as loud as possible making sure everyone can hear us, the people who chilled in my 2nd home that kicked me out (Aka CJIQ Studio), we made history as one of the biggest, most listened to Metal/Hardcore radio shows ever.

I also want to thank you, for still being on this page when thousands have left, I want to thank the people who still encourage me to make podcasts, the people who keep listening, and the people who keep mentioning this show years after it left the studio.

Sadly, Anger Management Radio is homeless, without a studio to perform live shows. So tonight, blast your music, dig back through your 10 year old cd's and blast it as loud as possible.

Thank You.
Stay Gruesome!

-Andy "Gruesome" Geddes

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