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Anger Management Show from March 24th

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NON-STOP MIX (I highly recommend you download this one and use it for either a party or a good work-out) Part I Emmure- Smokey The Northern- Nauticus Anniversary- Black Hole Therapy Die Hexe- Distress Die Hexe- Buried THE AFTERIMAGE- Pursue THE AFTERIMAGE- The Unseen She Must Burn- Victoria Fit For An Autopsy- Iron Moon Vanna- Pretty Grimm Official Darkest Hour- Savour The Kill VEIL OF MAYA- Viscous Circles Maylene and the Sons of Disaster- Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead Harm's Way- Timing KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut Throne to the Wolves- Every Match (A Bridge Burned) Decapitated- Spheres Of Madness Part II Crossfaith- Monolith Born of Osiris- Brace Legs/ Abstract Art Every Time I Die- Silver Tongues Powerbomb- You Talk Too Much As Blood Runs Black- Strife (Chug Chug) Through Lucid Eyes- Introspection Greta Knights- 2064 Gideon- Champions Empty Hands- Agnosia Blow- Tongue & Cheek Young and in the Way- Be My Blood Gojira- Stranded #ClassicCut Farewell to Freeway- In These Wounds Mors Principium Est- We Are The Sleep

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Anger Management Radio Show -

March 10th.  Click Here to download Hour 1 and Here for Hour 2.

Hour 1 Northlane- DispossessionBorn of Osiris- Abstract Art*Dead And Divine- San Dimas*AngelMaker- The Curse Of The Earth*Ember- SerenityEvery Time I Die- C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)*Throne to the Wolves- Hell Raiser*Voltang- Lunatic SlickShe Must Burn- GloomUpon A Burning Body- 'Til The Break Of DawnLorna Shore- Fvneral Moon*The Holly Springs Disaster- Showdown*The Holly Springs Disaster- My Pet MonsterGenghis Tron- ArmsThe Browning- Ashamed(46% Canadian)Hour 2*STRUCTURES- Departure*STRUCTURES- Transitions*Blackguard- The Last We Wage*Shark Infested Daughters- TidebringerAfter The Burial- Lost In The StaticARCHITECTS- Gone With The WindChelsea Grin- Skin DeepEveryone Dies In Utah- Simply Free*Dancing With Paris- Boardwalk*Dancing With Paris- Plurals*Farewell to Freeway- Portrait Woe, Is Me- Mannequin Religion From Autumn to Ashes- Milligram SmileEarth Crisis -FirestormThe Devil Wears Prada- Gimme Half(43%)

Anger Management Radio show - 

March 3rd  Click Here to download.

Here is the latest set list. Be sure to like these bands pages!
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Born of Osiris- Brace Legs (2017)
We Butter The Bread With Butter- Klicks, Likes, Fame, Giel!
Obliterate- I, Cerebus 
Thy Art Is Murder- No Absolution
SUFFERIZE- Shrine Of Tournament
Misled Disposal- Hell (ion)
A Wake In Providence- A Darkened Gospel
KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut
--> Die Hexe- Distress
--> Die Hexe- Buried
Empty Hands- Agnosia 
Through Lucid Eyes- Transient 
Horcrux- Resilient
Emmure- Smokey
Emmure- Flag Of The Beast
Emmure- Torch
She Must Burn- Hallowed Grounds
She Must Burn- Victoria
Lorna Shore- Denounce The Light
Suicide Silence- No Pity For A Coward
Ev0lution- Horror On Park Avenue 
Fuck The Facts- Horizon
Fuck The Facts- Dear Shit Book
Fuck The Facts- Unburden
# ClassicCut Amon Amarth- The Pursuit Of Vikings 
Finntroll- Jatkin's Tid

Join us March 17th for a special St.Patrick's Day themed show featuring Celtic, Viking, Folk, themed metal and some gold ol' metal that will make you raise your glass (or drinking horn) and make your beard grow a few inches. Don't Miss It!

Anger Management Radio Show - February 24th  Click here to download the show.

Here is our full set list. Check out all these bands and download the latest podcast right now! Nik Nocturnal- Heavy (Linkin Park cover) Volumes- On Her Mind feat Pouya Volumes- Across The Bed Death Note Silence- Code Of Silence  Straight Reads The Line- The Jig Is Up Pureblank- Yesterday's Vision Of Tomorrow Pureblank- Juanez, The Loneliest (numb her) Farewell to Freeway/ Farewell To FreewayFriends- Portrait Fit For An Autopsy- Iron Moon Xibalba- Con Amor Lorna Shore- Fvneral Moon  KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut --> Blow- Tongue & Cheek #KronikKut--> Empty Hands- Agnosia  The Acacia Strain- Beast Born of Osiris- Brace Legs Born of Osiris- Open Arms To Damnation Born of Osiris- Bow Down We Made Steel- Northern Lights She Must Burn- The Wicked (feat Ian of Carnifex) #ClassicCut Rammstein- Du Hast Megadeth- Symphony Of Destruction Alexisonfire- White Devil Ev0lution- Horror On Park Avenue  The Devil Wears Prada- Assistant To The Regional Manager Attack Attack- Renob, Nevada #TheWorldsHeaviestRadioShow  #DiscoverNewMusic

Anger Management Radio - February 17th show.  Click here to download the show.

Here is the set list. Anger Management Radio is LIVE Every Friday from 10pm-Midnight on 91.7 Erin Radio and  Download the latest podcasts for free on Northlane- Dispossession  Islands & Empires- Mania Go To WhiteCastle- Sewn Eyes Nation Hundred Suns- Fractional  Eluveitie- Gray Sublime Archon Blackguard- This Rounds On Me THE OFFICIAL MUDMEN PAGE- Home For A Rest (cover) Fit For An Autopsy- Iron Moon The Northern- Nauticus Greta Knights- Red Virus #KronikKut Monarch Woods- Enter Bloodroot  Shoot The Girl First- God's Gift (Your Violence) Lorna Shore- Offering Of Fire/ Black Hollow Born of Osiris- Abstract Art 2017 Farewell to Freeway- Portrait Farewell To Freeway- Lies Between Lies Farewell To Freeway- Misconceptions Volumes- On Her Mind (feat Pouya) Parkway Drive- Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em The Devil Wears Prada- Wapakalypse The Ghost Inside- Engine 45 #WorldsHeaviestRadioShow

The latest Anger Management Show from February 3rd is right here.  Click here to listen.

What an awesome show, thanks to everyone for sharing statuses, tagging us, inviting friends and doing anything to spread the word of AMR! It's people like you who have kept us going for almost 12 years! <3

Here is the full set list, and remember AMR is LIVE Fridays 10pm till Midnight EST on Erin Radio 91.7, and online and you can download the latest podcasts on

The Agonist- Take Me To Church (Hozier cover)
The Northern- Nauticus 
Lorna Shore- Fvneral Moon
Atreyu- You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi cover)
We Came As Romans- My Love (Justin Timberlake cover)
Killswitch Engage- End Of Heartache
Horcrux- Home
Fit For A King- Stacking Bodies
KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut
****Misled Disposal- Hell(ion)****
****Dawn Vally- Sloppy Girl*****
The Gorgeous- Shy Guys
Motionless In White- Eternally Yours
Fit For An Autopsy- Heads Will Hang
All That Remains- Safe House
Behaviour- Dancing With The Sunset
Chelsea Grin- Skin Deep/ Recreant 
All Shall Perish- Wage Slaves
#ClassicCut Through The Eyes Of The Dead- 2 Inches From A Main Artery 

This is the  Anger Management Show from January 27th.  

Click  to download Part 1  and here to download Part 2


Part I

For the Fallen Dreams- The Callout/Perceptions The Northern- Aurora The Northern- Solifer  Official Darkest Hour- Timeless Numbers Exalt- Judas Wolf Ending Tyranny- Depravity  Horcrux- Resilient  Chelsea Grin- American Dream Everyone Dies In Utah- Silver Tongues Thy Art Is Murder- No Absolution Signal The Firing Squad- Adapting To Genocide Lorna Shore- Fvneral Moon She Must Burn- Gloom feat Sean of Make Them Suffer The/Order- Void Walker  What's He Building In There?- Avian Taxi Whats HalBuilding InThere

Part II

VEIL OF MAYA- Divide Paths The Acacia Strain- Whoa! Shut It Down A Plea for Purging- Motives The Healing- Aether Eyes Shoot The Girl First- No Hero Lungless- Exhale The Luminary- Cycles Voltang- Lunatic Slick Greta Knights- Dark Empire Cattle Decapitation- Not Suitable For Life The Faceless- Ghost Of A Stranger  The Jonah Veil- I Used To Be A Genius In Math Class Dead To Fall- Bastard Set Of Dreams The Red Chord- Dreaming In Dog Years Lamb of God- Grace

Here is the Anger Management Show from January 20th

Click here to download

Here is the latest set list, be sure to give these bands some love!

Casino Madrid- Life Sentencer 
Ev0lution- Treego feat Casey from AngelMaker
Despised Icon- Bad Vibes
Despised Icon- MVP
Greta Knights- Red Virus
Born of Osiris- Glorious Day/ Abstract Art
KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut
***** Catalyst- Albion Hills *****
We Butter The Bread With Butter- Klicks, Likes, Fame, Giel!
We Butter The Bread With Butter- Oh Mama Mach Kartoffselat!
A Day To Remember- Welcome To The Family
A Day To Remember-I'm Made Of Wax Larry What Are You Made Out Of?
VEIL OF MAYA- Leeloo/ It's Not Safe To Swim Today
After The Burial- Your Troubles Will Cease And Fortune Will Smile Down Upon You

Thy Art Is Murder- No Absolution/ Doomed From Birth/ Laceration Penetration
Powerbomb- You Talk Too Much
The Northern- Nauticus
The Hollow Sea- Step Forward
The Hollow Sea- Death
She Must Burn- Gloom feat Sean from Make Them Suffer
The Holly Springs Disaster- My Pet Monster
Alexisonfire- Control
Oh, Sleeper- Son Of The Mourning
Unearth- Endless

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