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Anger Management Radio -  June 23rd

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Part I
The Algorithm- Boot
ERRA- Skyline
Comeback Kid- Absolute feat Devin Townsend
Voltang- Lunatic Slick
The Fatalist- Apocalypse Towers 
Go To WhiteCastle- Sewn Eyes Nation
Gideon- Cursed 
Make Them Suffer-Fireworks
Oceans Ate Alaska- Escapist
KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut COUNTERPARTS-Bouquet
COUNTERPARTS- Goodbye Megaton
The Acacia Strain- Model Citizen/ Big Sleep
Part II
Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors- Turn Down For What (Lil John Cover) 
Sworn In- Dread All
Volumes- Waves Control
Attack Attack- Renob Nevada
The Northern- Terra
Thy Art Is Murder- Slaves Beyond Death
House vs. Hurricane- Peroxide
Last Of A Dying Breed- Memories 
Monarch Woods- Battling The Possessed 
Sum 41- Pain For Pleasure
Of The First Born Son- Playing Dodge-ball With A Shotgun
Alexisonfire- Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama
The Holly Springs Disaster- My Pet Monster

Anger Management Radio

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Hour 1

Hour 2

Part I

Born of Osiris- Empires Erased

*Comeback Kid- Absolute feat Devin Townsend

*Underlier- Cloak And Dagger (feat Kevin of BEING)

*Monarch Woods- Battling The Possessed

Oceans Ate Alaska- Escapist

Oceans Ate Alaska- Covert

*Damage Control- Death By Night

*Obey The Brave- Drama

* Last Of A Dying Breed- Memories *Last Of A Dying Breed- OldCircles

Oceano- The Great Tribulation

She Must Burn- Gloom

Everyone Dies In Utah- Silver Tongues

Fit For An Autopsy- Heads Will Hang Part II

The Faceless- Black Star/ The Ancient Covenant/ Lecia

Killswitch Engage- Holy Diver (Dio Cover)

*The Fatalist- Apocolypse Towers

In Dying Arms- My Plague (Slipknot Cover)


マキシマム ザ ホルモン( maximum the hormone )- Zetsubou Billy

From a Second Story Window- The Crusher

August Burns Red- Backburner

Anger Management Radio

Click here for the show from June 9th

Hour 1

Hour 2

After The Burial- Bezerker

Rings of Saturn- Inadequate

*The Fatalist- Vermin

*Obey The Brave- On Our Own

(International Days Of Awesome)

*LOYALIST- Runaway

Eighteen Visions- The Disease, The Decline, And The Wasted Time

Emmure- Russian Hotel Aftermath

Volumes- Waves Control

*Zealots Desire- The Fool

*We Are Human- Strive

*Horcrux- Home

Martyr Defiled- Sins Of Father

Every Time I Die- C++ (love will get you killed)

Part II

(Geddes book of world records)

CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT- Ascend From Disruption

Enochian- Sadistic

Eskimo Callboy- The Scene feat Fronzilla

Eskimo Callboy- Hey Mrs. Drama Queen

ATTILA- Jumanji

*Means- Connected

*Die Hexe- Distress *Die Hexe-Buried

*The Northern- Terra

Underminded- It's Kinda Like A Body Bag

Dark Tranquillity- Lost To Apathy

The Black Dahlia Murder- What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

Stick To Your Guns- This Is More

Anger Management Radio

Click here for the show from June 2nd

Ice Nine Kills- Enjoy Your Slay *Joey Muha- Catch Your Breath (Finn Bálor drum cover) Oceans Ate Alaska- Covert *Monarch Woods- Battling The Possessed devthbed- Serpents Tongue *Sludgehammer- Demons From The Woodwork *Dawn Vally ( Fake Lashes/ *Dawn Vally- Hundred Million (Treble Charger cover) Our Last Night- Shape Of You (Ed Sheeran cover) Dance Gavin Dance- That's What I Like (Bruno Mars cover) Bury Tomorrow- Livin' La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin cover) *Horcrux- Wormtail *Horcrux-The Outsider *We Are Human- New Scars, Old Habits *LOYALIST- Runaway 11pm Eighteen Visions- The Disease,The Decline & The Wasted Time *Karkaos- Children Of The Void *Obey The Brave- Drama House vs. Hurricane- Peroxide *Beyond Deviation- Hell In Your Eyes Miss May I- Lost In The Grey The Devil Wears Prada- Kansas/Born To Lose #ClassicCut *Misery Signals- The Year Summer Ended In June *Misery Signals-Five Years Parkway Drive- Carrion

Anger Management Radio

Click here for the show from May 26th

Here is the playlist.

Enochian- Sadistic 
Unbowed- Bleak Ululations
Deity- Rituals
@dawn valley- Sloppy Girl
Monarch Woods- Battling The Possessed
Powerbomb- 450 Splash The World/ Screwjob
Oceans ate alaska- Covert 
#KronikKut The Fatalist- Vermin
Miss May I- Shawdows Inside 
Miss May I- Swallow Your Teeth
My Ticket Home- Half Hearted
Vanna- Pretty Grimm
We Came As Romans- Understanding What We've Grown To Become
House vs. Hurricane- Peroxide
Slaughter To Prevail- King
Abiotic- To Burden & To Languish
Skip The Foreplay- ST4P/ DJ
Lamb of God- Grace
Divinity- Manhunt
Emmure- Smokey 
Dethklok- Duncan Hills Coffee
#ClassicCut Martyr A.D.- American Hollow
Cannibal Corpse- Hammer Smashed Face
Iron Maiden- The Trooper

Anger Management Radio

It's the May 24 Long Weekend and here is this weeks show.  Click here for Hour 1  and here for Hour 2.

Here is the playlist
Part I
Incendiary- Root Of All Evil (Aleister Black theme)
*Obey The Brave- Drama
*The Luminary- Cycles
Gideon- Champions/Cursed
Martyr Defiled- Sins Of Father
We Came As Romans- To Move On Is To Grow
The Ghost Inside- Engine 45
After The Burial- Bread Crumbs & White Stones/Promises Kept
* Unbowed-Stormblood
*Unbowed- Besieged
*Powerbomb- BloodThirst
A Day To Remember- Mr.Highway's Thinking About The End
Part II
Windwaker- Take Me With You
*Kingdoms- Exposé
House vs. Hurricane- She'll Be Apples
Oceano- Lucid Reality Volume
Daemon Grimm- Peaceless World
Miss May I- Shadows Inside/ Relentless Chaos
Lamb of God- Walk With Me In Hell
*The Northern- Terra
*Greta Knights- Red Virus **The Holly Springs Disaster- Showdown/My Pet Monster
*Alexisonfire- Accidents
Deicide- Scars Of The Crucifix
Asking Alexandria- A Single Moment Of Sincerity
Emmure- 10 Signs You Should Leave

Anger Management Radio

Here is the May 12th edition. Missed it, no here to download hour one and here to download hour two.

Part I
*The Northern- Terra
*The Healing- Aether Eyes
*Second Night- Invisible Self
Lorna Shore-Denounce The Light
Mind Like Hurricanes- Expose
Emmure- Natural Born Killer/ Demons With Ryu
*Kingdoms- Exposé
Martyr Defiled- Sins Of Father
The Acacia Strain- Big Sleep
Kublai Khan- Come Out Of Your Room
Born of Osiris- Brace Legs
*Obey The Brave- Drama 
*Obey The Brave- Get Real
Parkway Drive- Boneyards
Part II

In Hearts Wake- Passage
*Shark Infested Daughters-Tidebringer/Glass Kingdoms
She Must Burn- Victoria
Slaughter To Prevail- Misery Sermon
*Ending Tyranny- Depravity
*Red Handed Denial- Manipulator
*Sons of Sirens- Trigger Happy
Like Moths to Flames- Some Nights (Fun. cover)
*LOYALIST- Runaway 
The Ghost Inside- Between The Lines
After The Burial- Bezerker
Norma Jean- The Shotgun Message
House vs. Hurricane- The Only Virtue

Anger Management Radio

May 5th edition.  Featuring the Geddes book of records,  a visit form Sir Jasper and even a surprise visit from DJ Awesome.

Click here to listen

Here is the playlist.
Our Last Night- Shape Of You (Ed Sheeran cover)
Upon A Burning Body- 'Til The Break Of Dawn
*Empty Hands- Bad Habits
*The Northern- Terra
*Pear Of Anguish- Thoughts Ov Sanity
*Greta Knights- 2064
House vs. Hurricane- Filth
*Kingdoms- Exposé
Motionless In White- 570/ Eternally Yours
Mind Like Hurricanes- Expose
Slaughter To Prevail- King/666
The Acacia Strain- Big Sleep feat Matt from Kublai Khan 
*Harangue- Falling House feat Liam of Cancer Bats
*Powerbomb- You Talk Too Much
*Second Night- Invisible Self
*Horcrux- Wormtail 
Unearth- My Will Be Done
Turisas- Rasputin (Boney M Cover)
Bloodywood - Metal Parodies- PPAP
The Devil Wears Prada- Assistant To The Regional Manager
Sepultura- Roots Bloody Roots
Slayer- Raining Blood

Anger Management Radio

Show from April 28th

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Click here for Hour 2

Part I Our Last Night- Shape Of You (Ed Sheeran cover) Slaughter To Prevail- King Searching for Satellites- Dead Days Gideon- Cursed Anniversary- Prisoner Of War Die Hexe- Distress Die Hexe- Buried Emmure- Natural Born Killer Upon A Burning Body- The Outcast Oceano- The Great Tribulation The Devil Wears Prada- Gimme Half August Burns Red- Up Against The Ropes August Burns Red- Speech Impediment KronikNoise Promotions #KronikKut --> The Northern- Terra Volumes- Across The Bed Obey The Brave- On Our Own The Hollow Sea- Death Part II The Eyes Of A Traitor- Under Siege Sewn Eyes- Crooked Necks/ Light Up ION DISSONANCE- Perpetually Doomed: The Siberian Task Cardinals Pride- Apologia Martyr Defiled- Sins Of Father/ Bury Your Corpses Deep Ninjaspy-Shuriken Dance Stray From The Path- Damien I See Stars- Endless Sky The Chariot- And They Shot Each Other Signal The Firing Squad- Abnegate (feat Alex of Obey The Brave) Dethklok- Duncan Hills Coffee Rosesdead- Night Danger #ClassicCut Underoath- In Regards To Myself Sea of Treachery- Misery Business (Paramore cover)

Download our Progressive Metal Show

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Click to download Hour 2

Here is the playlist

Part I ERRA- Render The Void *Pomegranate Tiger- Cyclic *Speak of the Devil- Formaldehyde And Seek *Protest The Hero- Bloodmeat Fallujah- The Void Alone The Contortionist- Oscillator *Dancing With Paris- Boardwalk *Dancing With Paris- Plurals *Misery Signals- Worlds & Dreams Conducting From The Grave- What Monsters We Have Become ( Parts I&II) *Empty Hands- Bad Habits Animals As Leaders- Kalimba Genghis Tron- Arms 53% Canadian Part II *THE AFTERIMAGE- The Unseen Horse The Band- Anti-Pizza *INTERVALS- Sure Shot *A Textbook Tragedy- Stay Out Of Riverdale *Ninjaspy- Shuriken Dance Between The Buried And Me- Ants Of The Sky *Through Lucid Eyes- Introspection The Fall of Troy- I Just Got This Symphony Goin' We Butter The Bread With Butter- Oh Mama Mach Kartoffelsalat *FTF- Unburden The Irish Front- Boom Snap Clap Snap Maximum the Hormone

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