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AMR Show for September 14th

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Hour 1

The Healing- Glass House

For A Life Unburdened- Run Away

Sever The Voices- 41st Floor

COUNTERPARTS-Selfishly I Sink/We Forgive

Blackguard- The Last We Wage/This Rounds On Me

Distoriam- Hymn To Mead

Swashbuckle- Drink Up!

Alestorm- Keelhauled/Drink


Within the Ruins- World Undone

Aegaeon- Ruination

Sleep Waker- Turn Around

Hour 2

Lorna Shore- This Is Hell

In The Act Of Violence- DASADUH (feat J-Fern)/ Float

The Browning- Carnage

LOST LIGHT- Precision Decision

DEPTHS OF HATRED- An Infadels Descent

Here Comes The Kraken- Wrong

Galactic Pegasus-The Looking Glass

Nailbox- Die Young


No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Backs Of Toilet Doors

Chelsea Smile

Slipknot- Left Behind/ My Plague

Horcrux- This Is Halloween

      Ladies of Metal

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AMR Show

October 19th

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Hour 1
Breakdown of Sanity- From The Depths
The Parallel- Chimera
Mayfield- My Heart Gets Left Behind
Spiritbox- Electric Cross
Shark Infested Daughters- Jenova/ Deathblow
Atria- Less Than Equal
LOST LIGHT- Precision Decision
WINDRUNNER- Orchid feat Yuto Hirabayashi of Earthists.
Earthists.- Dogma
Bodysnatcher- Consequence
Unearth Survivalist
Hour 2
All That Remains- Six/This Calling
Horcrux This Is Halloween
Beneath the Massacre- Reign Of Terror/Untitled/The Surface (Gruesome Remix)
Monarch Woods- Battling The Possessed
The Browning- Carnage
The Black Dahlia Murder- Paint It Black (Rolling Stones Cover)
Dance Club Massacre- Risk Is My Business And My Business Is Risky/ Murders Come With Smiles
Butcher Babies- They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haa!
Motionless In White- Dragula (Rob Zombie Cover)
Amarna Reign- Halloween
BLIND WITNESS- Backstreets Back (Backstreet Boys Cover)

AMR Show for October 12th

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Hour 1
Horcrux- This Is Halloween
Unearth- Survivalist
Ominous Eclipse- Spiral Into Insanity
Fit For A King Tower Of Pain
After The Burial- Lost In The Static
The Browning- Living Dead
Joey Muha- Goosebumps (Drumming Cover)
Make Them Suffer- Eternal Cold
Goreworm-Beneath The Plastic/Final Nightmare
We Are Human- Old Scars New Habits
The Northern- Samsara
Enochian- Sadistic/Convulsions
Mayfield - My Heart Gets Left Behind
Hour 2
Oceans ate alaska- Deadweight
Winds of Plague- Most Hated
Shark Infested Daughters- Cetra (Feat Frankie Of Emmure)
The Healing- Hollow Earth
Obliterate- Impending Death
The Animus Project- The Curse Of Thorn feat Ben of Shadow Of Intent
Shadow Of Intent- The Return
First Fragment- Le Sement De Tsion
She Must Burn Gloom/Eclipse
Job For A Cowboy- Entombment Of A Machine
Johnny Truant- The Bloodening
Whitechapel- Posession

AMR Show for October 5th

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Hour 1
Ice Nine Kills- The Jig Is Up (feat Randy Of Finch)
Bleed From Within- Alive
Out Of The Ruins- Reflections
Crazy Eighty Eight- Plant A Seed (We Came As Romans Cover)
The Healing- Glass Houses
The Devil Wears Prada- Outnumbered/Escape
Beneath the Massacre Reign Of Terror/Untitled (Gruesome Remix)/The Surface
The Advocate- Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell Cover)
Greber- Grave Plot
Decatur Metal- Worst Enemy
Unearth- Survivalist
Harm's Way- Human Carrying Capacity
Hour 2
Wretched- At The First Sign Of Rust (Gruesome Remix)
Bury Tomorrow- More Than Mortal
The Luminary- Control
COUNTERPARTS- Selfishly I Sink
POWERBOMB- Shotgun Saturday Night/Sycho Sid
The Browning -Carnage/Living Dead
She Must Burn- Victoria
Rose Funeral- Redeemer Of Flesh
Carnifex- In Coalesce With Filth And Faith
Today I Caught The Plague (now The Kindred) - Dead Girls Don’t Smile
Misfits- Dig Up Her Bones

AMR Show for September 28th

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Hour 1
Our Last Nightt & Baha Men- Who Let The Dogs Out (2018)
Spiritbox- Perenial
Greta Knights- Red Virus
The Healing- Hollow Earth
Beneath the Massacre- The Surface
Make Them Suffer- The Eternal Cold
Motionless In White Abigail
BLIND WITNESS - Backstreets Back (Backstreet Boys Cover)
Upon A Burning Body- Remissions (Avenged Sevenfold Cover)
BETRAYING THE MARTYRS- Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold cover)
Within the Ruins- World Undone
The Northern- Nauticus
Chelsea Grin- Dead Rose
Hour 2
Fit For A King- Tower Of Pain
Underlier-King Of Longing
Greber- Grave Plot
Decatur Metal- Internal War
ERRA- Expiate
Born of Osiris- Silence The Echo
The Browning- Carnage
Obey The Brave- On Our Own
The Adored- Nothing/First Degree
Shotgun Rules- Like Helicopters
Avenged Sevenfold- Eternal Rest/Unholy Confessions
Unearth- Zombie Autopilot

AMR Show for September 21st.

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Hour 1

The Acacia Strain- Doomblade


The Healing- Hollow Earth


LOST LIGHT- Precision Decision

Beneath the Massacre- Untitled (GRUESOME REMIX)/The Surface/Reign Of Terror

Dance Club Massacre- Murders Come With Smiles

Our Last Night & Baha Men- Who Let The Dog’s Out (2018)

VEIL OF MAYA- Doublespeak

Dualist- Dasein

COUNTERPARTS- Selfishly I Sink

ERRA- Disarray/ Dreamcatcher

Hour 2

Lorna Shore- This Is Hell

BLACK TONGUE- Ultima Necat

BEING- Discontent

I Exalt - Dialect feat Matthew Jones of Martyr Defiled

Hjärna Waves God Box/The Push

Ev0lution- Horror On Park Avenue (feat Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth, Devin Barus & Blast)

Dirt Cannon- What Eats You

Voltang- Lunatic Slick

The Faceless- All Dark Graves

Winds of Plague- Decimate The Weak

Dark Tranquillity- Lost To Apathy

Johnny Truant- The Bloodening

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Hour 1

Breakdown of Sanity- From The Depths

A Textbook Tragedy- Intimidator

Underneath The Gun- Discordant

#TheShadowsValley- My Best Friend Is An Arsonist

August Burns Red- Speech Impediment

#TheHurtProcess -Opinion

On Burning Shores - Buckshot Mouthwash

Lungless- Ark

3 Mile Scream- Blackened Sun

The Human Abstract - Mea Culpa

A Day To Remember- Welcome To The Family

Straight Reads The Line (hi Blake ;) ) - The Orchid Killer

Red I Flight- Late For The Execution

VEIL OF MAYA- Punisher

The Red Chord- Antman

We Butter The Bread With Butter - Oh Mama Mach

Hour 2

Horcrux- The Outsider

Twelve Tribes- Venus Complex

From All Within (Now Deadships)- Not Today

Three Crowns - Once My Own (Feat Karl Schubach )

The Author- The Red Jury I: The Made Mess

Farewell To Freeway- Lies Between Lives

The Acacia Strain- JFC

ARCHITECTS- These Colours Don’t Run


The Number Twelve Looks Like You- Clarissa Explains Cuntainment

DeadWalk- Frailty (feat Jesse of Stick To Your Guns

HAVE HEART- No Roses, No Skies


At The Gates- Blinded By Fear

Atreyu- Lip Gloss And Black

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For Today- Agape
Parkway Drive- Boneyards
The Adored- Nothing/First Degree
Despised Icon- MVP
The Holly Springs Disaster- Showdown/ My Favourite Monster
BEING- Discontent
Horse The Band- Anti-Pizza/Cutsman
American Me- Still Firing
After The Burial- Your Troubles Will Cease And Fortune Will Smile Upon You
VEIL OF MAYA-It’s Not Safe To Swim Today
Unearth- Endless
Baptized In Blood- Up Shirts, Down Skirts
Stick To Your Guns- This Is More

ERRA- Machina
Asking Alexandria- If You Can’t Ride Two Horses At Once, Then You Should Get Out Of The Circus/ A Single Moment Of Sincerity
Respire- A Heart Still Pines
Alexisonfire- Pulmonary Archery
The Acacia Strain- Whoa! Shut It Down/ 3750
Rosesdead- Balance
BLIND WITNESS- Baby, One More Notch!
The Gorgeous - Shy Guys
Misery Signals- Five Years
The Ghost Inside- Faith Or Forgiveness
The Devil Wears Prada- Wapakalypse
Born of Osiris- Brace Legs

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The Acacia Strain- JFC
Obliterate- Impending Death
Beneath the Massacre- Reign Of Terror/Nevermore
Chelsea Grin- Dead Rose/Recreant 
Lorna Shore- Grimoire 
Falsifier- Choke/ I Am Death
Carnifex- The Diseased And The Poisoned/ In Coalesce With Filth And Faith 
Thy Art Is Murder- Doomed From Birth
SUFFERIZE- I Will Be Praised 
Slaughter To Prevail- King
Oceano- District Of Misery

Signal The Firing Squad - Abengate feat Alex Erian of Despised Icon
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza- The Alpha/ The Omega (feat Alex Erian Of Despised Icon and Phil Bozeman Of Whitechapel)
Despised Icon- Day Of Mourning/ MVP/ In The Arms Of Perdition
Whitechapel- This Is Exile 
The Last Felony- No One Would Notice If You Died
I Exalt- Dialect (feat Matthew Jones Of Martyr Defiled
Winds of Plague- One Body Too Many
Impending Doom- In Reverance Of
Initiate Jericho- A Victim Complex
Hollow Prophet- Conjuring Impurity
Suicide Silence- No Pity For A Coward/Bludgeoned To Death
Infant Annihilatorr- C*nt Crusher

All Covers Show

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Hour  1
Blessed By A Broken Heart - MIC SKILLZ 2 (mash-up)
BLIND WITNESS- Backstreets Back (backstreet Boys Cover)
Johnny Truant- French Immersion (Cancer Bats Cover)
Cancer Bats- Sabotage (Beastie Boys Cover)
Our Last Night- Havana / God’s Plan (DRAKE cover)
You Outta Know (Alannis Moressete Cover)/Shape Of You (ED Sheerian Cover)/ Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift Cover)
We Butter The Bread With Butter- Man’s Not Hot (Big Shaq Cover)
Bleed From Within- Bed Intruder (Autotune The News Cover) 
The Devil Wears Prada- STILL FLY (Big Tymers Cover)
Artas- Gangsta’s Paradise (COOLIO COVER)
Five Finger Death Punch- Mama Said Knock You Out (LLCOOLJ Cover)
Throwdown - Baby’s Got Back (Sir Mix-A-Lot Cover)
Advocate- Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell feat Michael Jackson cover) 
Hour 2
Turisas- Rasputin (Boney M Cover) 
Skip The Foreplay- Champagne Showers (LMFAO Cover)
Bury Tomorrow- Livin’ La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin Cover)
We Came As Romans- My Love (Justin Timberlake Cover)
The Ocean Cure- Don’t Let Me Down (Chain Smokers Cover) 
Crazy Eighty Eight- Duality (Slipknot Cover)
iwrestledabearonce UPRISING( MUSE COVER)
Beneath The Sky- Fight For Your Right To Party (Beastie Boys Cover)
Seraphim- Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)
Our Last Night- Cold Water (Justin Bieber & Major Lazer Cover)
Abandon All Ships- Maria (I Like It Loud) (Scooter Cover) 
Woe, Is Me - TIK TOK (KE$HA Cover)
Dimmu Borgir- Burn In Hell (Twisted Sister Cover)
August Burns Red- Baby One More Time (Britney Spears Cover)
Children Of Bodom- Oops I Did It Again! (Spears Cover)
Sea of Treachery- Misery Business (Paramore Cover)

AMR Show for Friday the 13th

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Hour 1 

She Must Burn- Eclipse

Bleeding Through - OFFICIAL PAGE- Set Me Free

Obliterate-Impending Death

Goreworm Official- Beneath The Plastic/Final Nightmare


Hollow Prophet - Conjuring Of Impurity

Shark Infested Daughters - Cetra (feat Frankie Palmeri Of Emmure) 

#KronikKut KronikNoise Promotions

Æpoch- Tabula Rasa

The Dali Thundering Concept - Utopia/ Ink feat Adam Warren of Oceano

clown core- Google Your Own Death/ Hell

Hour 2

Shadow Of Intent- Underneath A Sullen Moon

ATTILA- Blackout


The Luminary- Control (playing this years #KronikFest18)


Ending Tyranny- Depravity

Deafheaven- Dreamhouse 

The Fall of Troy- F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X 

A Textbook Tragedy- Stay Out Of Riverdale

Motionless In White- Dragula (Rob Zombie cover)

Advocate- Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell cover)

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Mic Skillz 2 

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